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Texas CHL Professionals

Texas CHL Professionals

Our Brief History

Started in September 2009, Texas CHL Professionals is an effort I have found that I believe in, and is personally rewarding.  After receiving my CHL training in February of 2009, I became interested in self-defense, the Texas Concealed Handgun program, and our second amendment rights.  I quickly learned that there is a conflict that exists today between the right of all free men and women of the United States to defend themselves, and the many thousands of gun control laws that exist at every level of government throughout the country.

I have neither the wisdom nor the power to affect much significant change with regard to this situation.  One thing I can do, however, is provide a quality training experience to those law-abiding Americans who choose to protect themselves and their loved ones, and refuse to become a victim.

In June, 2010, Kathy attended the week long instructor training in Austin and became Texas CHL Professionals newest certified instructor.

Thank you for visiting the website.  We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming training session.

Stay Safe!

Ev & Kathy Wingo
Certified Texas CHL Instructors